What do people really want to know when they visit these pages…?


I went to UTSA and “studied” Communications and Film.

I’ve been in the sales industry since I graduated college. If I don’t believe in something, I don’t sell it.

I’m a film fanatic and I co-founded a small production company called Red Rook Films with a few of my best friends. So far we’ve only made short films.

If I was ever on death row, my last meal would probably be an alfredo pizza from Cici’s, Dr. Pepper, and some kind of awesome dessert, preferably with marshmellow.

I have severe arachnophobia, but I’m an insatiable adrenaline junkie, and will therefore try anything heart-pounding that doesn’t involve spiders.

I have 9 tattoos (so far).

My parents divorced when I was 5 and are both remarried to awesome people.

I am probably the least naturally talented member of my family, but I try and make up for it by staying focused, never becoming complacent and saying yes to every opportunity that comes my way.

I can read 900 words per minute, which is apparently pretty fast. I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember.

I probably know all the lyrics to 90% of Eminem songs.

I’m married to an amazing man, and a stepmom to two awesome boys.

I’ve been a New England Patriots fan my whole football-watching life, and no, not solely because of Tom Brady.

I’m competitive to a fault. My mom recently told me that I even used to make up rules to games when playing with my little sister to ensure that I’d win. I don’t remember that but I can’t say I’m surprised.

I don’t consider myself Democratic or Republican, and in fact I really don’t see the need for a two-party system since most people’s ideals fall into a grey area.

I’d love to be a vegan, but I’m too selfish and undisciplined.

I think poker is the best game in the world, because you can win based solely on your ability to adapt.

When I started practicing kung fu a few years ago, I immediately felt like it was the thing missing from my life.

I donate every month to my favorite charity. I would love to visit them someday.

My favorite blog writers are James Altucher and Tucker Max (yes, that Tucker Max).

I try and avoid watching documentaries because I’m easily manipulated and they all have an agenda. Same reason I never watch the news.

I’ve seen every episode of Friends at least 20 times.

I started blogging because I love to write but I’ve never been able to finish the books or scripts that I’ve started.

My little sister is one of the smartest and most fascinating people I know, but all I’ve ever told her is how mean she is 🙂

Even if it’s ridiculous I like to read horoscopes, and I fit every Gemini personality description I’ve ever read to a T.

I’ve collected more speeding tickets than I care to admit.

I was an athletic trainer in high school, and the friends I made because of that are friends that will last a lifetime.

Until I was 10 (?) years old, my hair was so long that it went past my butt.

My favorite color is yellow.

I have a Doberman named Jax.

I believe wholeheartedly in the innate goodness of people.